Slimming Skin Cream

Slimming Skin Cream

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BHG Slimming Cream is manufactured with natural and potent exotic herbal extract. For better results in helping you to reduce the fat and the cellulite could use it daily in the areas of legs, thighs, stomach, arms, buttocks, hips with a vigorous massage or with plastic-wrap.

BHG Slimming Formula contains a blend of natural ingredients (Centella Asaitica, Seaweed, Caffeine & Artichoke) to provide health and beauty to your skin. This cream is also designed to target stubborn curves on the waist, hips, arms, abdomen, legs and thighs. BHG Slimming Cream's formulation help to reduce fat from these specific areas of the body, promoting firmer and younger looking skin.

BHG Slimming Cream is formulated mainly to burn fat and to lose weight, contains natural herbs ingredient necessary to maintain a healthy skin in addition, to the reducing effect of fat. Slimming Cream is uniquely formulated to help firm and tighten your skin accelerating the fat burning accumulated under your skin. This blend of selected natural herbs will break down fat deposits and will inhibiting the fat production by enhancing body's metabolism and blood circulation.

BHG Slimming cream could also helps to fight cellulites. This cream was created to support exercising, to maximize sweating and fat metabolism.


Main Ingredients: Centella Asaitica, Seaweed, Caffeine & Artichoke